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Wallbarn Mega Balance 925-1025mm Heavy Duty Paving Support

£29.58 (inc VAT) £24.65 (exc VAT)
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Wallbarn Mega Balance 925-1025mm Heavy Duty Paving Support

£29.58 (inc VAT) £24.65 (exc VAT) Price Per Unit
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Product Description

MEGA BALANCE self-levelling pedestals

Our MEGA BALANCE self-levelling pedestals are four-in-one, heavy duty adjustable height pedestals for paving and decking applications. 

  1. 1.    They tolerate over 2 tonnes in weight per unit. 
  2. 2.    The headpiece can support and position both paving slabs / tiles and also joists / bearers for decking applications.
  3. 3.    Pedestal height can be adjusted on completed paving projects without lifting slabs / tiles by using the “yellow key” & “silver key”. 
  4. 4.    The headpiece is self-levelling as standard but, by using the “grey nut” the head can be locked rigid within the same unit. 


Mega Balance is available in a huge height range (from 25mm to 1025mm). The telescopic thread gives large height range per unit. Simply twist the stem to adjust the height of the unit. This can be done with slab / tile or decking joist still in place. 


They are made from injection moulded polypropylene without fillers for long-term durability and performance. They have been laboratory tested at -40°C to +75°C and will not shatter in sub-zero temperatures. The plastic polymer is non hazardous and fully recyclable. 


This is a suspended system, the weight of the paving slabs / tiles ballast themselves.


For Paving Applications

  • Self-levelling headpiece incorporates 4 x 4mm wide positioning lugs (fins) integrated on the headpiece.
    • o   Simply lay the paving slab / tile onto one segment of headpiece so four corners of slab / tiles rest on each headpiece; and four pedestals support each corner of a slab / tile
    • o   The lugs (fins) separate paving slabs / tiles on the headpiece to allow sufficient drainage between and below slabs / tiles
    • o   This creates a uniform paving line for the slabs / tiles 
    • A unique feature of Mega Balance is the ability to alter the heights after completion of paving project.
      • o   If any tiles start to rock or the pedestals move slightly over time after completion of the project; the special “yellow key” or “silver key” tool can be used to slot into a slot in the centre of the headpiece and twisted to turn the stem and adjust the height of the pedestal with the slab / tile in situ. This is labour saving and improves health and safety.
      • o   The lug width is 4mm as standard to allow enough room for the key to fit into the slot.
      • An integrated rubber anti-shock pad is supplied as standard for the headpiece. It clicks into place to give a better grip to the slab / tile and improves vibration and noise insulation. 
      • Cut lines on the underside of the baseplates should installers need to pave directly up to walls / parapets. Do not cut bases beyond these cut lines
  • The headpiece is self-levelling and moves up to 5% or 2.86° in all directions. The “grey nut” can be pressed into the centre of the headpiece to lock the self-levelling mechanism should installers require fixed heads. 
    • Mega Balance is therefore both self-levelling and fixed head in same pedestal


For Decking Applications

  • The four positioning lugs on the self-levelling headpiece are set 55mm apart so a 50mm wide joist / bearer enough can be loose laid between them easily.
    • o   The joist is loose laid rather than mechanically fixed in case of expansion / movement differences between structure beneath and the decking over time
    • o   The lugs are high enough to house the joists securely
    • o   This gives flexibility to the decking project
    • The joists / bearers should be cross fitted together to form a secure framework. The upper surface decking boards will be mechanically fixed to the joist frame according to the specification and assembly instructions of the deckboard supplier. 
    • There is no need to cut furrings as the pedestals are adjusted in height to create a flat frame level. This speeds up installation immensely. 
    • The headpiece is self-levelling as standard. Installers may or may not wish to click the grey nut into the headpiece to lock the head, depending on the characteristics of the decking project.
    • The integrated rubber anti-shock pad provides greater grip and sound / vibration insulation to the decking project. 



Maximum load:

20,713 N = 2,057kg

End of linear behaviour:

15,300N = 1,560kg

Catas test score

179112 / 1

Top key

To adjust height of pedestal whilst slabs in situ

Self-levelling headpiece

Up to 5% in all directions

Fixing ring

To lock headpiece / allow self-levelling headpiece

Material pedestal

20% recycled Polypropylene

Material shim


Diameter of head piece


Diameter of screw


Diameter of base


Lug Height


Lug Width




Test Method

Melt flow rate

14:16 Gr / 10

ASTM D 1238

Weight / density

0.99:1.04 Gr / cm3

ASTM D 792 Method A

Softening point with load of 5kg (vicat test)

>75 °C

ASTM D 1525

Heat deflection test with load of 1820 kpa

> 90 °C

ASTM D 648

Coefficient of elasticity

1600 Mpa

ASTM D 790

Impact resistance (izod test at 23°c)

>40 J/m

ASTM D 256

Impact resistance (izod test at minus 20°c)

>20 J/m

ASTM D 256

Max weight tolerance at minus 40°c

27.830 N

CATAS 179112 / 1

Fire classification

MEGA BALANCE pedestals are classified as EUROCLASS E according to EN 13501:1:2009. 

Special CLASS B1 (EN 13501:1:2009) rated pedestals can be manufactured upon request.



The self-levelling headpiece is used to accommodate differences in the deck surface below the pedestal.

  • Achieve stunning finishes
  • Fully adjustable
  • Top key system for in-situ adjustments
  • Superior quality
  • Suitable for paving slabs and timber decking


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